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Pasteurized Goat Milk For Sale - the natural alternative...

Goat Milk Promotes Long Life?
On September 8, 2009, Poplar Hill Goat Milk was featured on
Good Morning America! Recent study showed that 80% of centurions
drink goat milk on a daily basis! Click here to view complete video coverage.
video courtesy of ABC News website

Poplar Hill Goat Milk is carried at many stores throughout the upper midwest. If your local store doesn't carry it, as your dairy manager to order it for you or call us at

Why should you buy Poplar Hill goat milk?
  • Poplar Hill is Minnesota's only FRESH pasteurized goat milk product.
  • Poplar Hill dairy goat farm has been producing fresh goat milk since 1972.
  • Our goat milk contains no preservatives, no antibiotics and no growth hormones .
  • Goat milk is easier to digest than cow milk and it all natural and gluten free.
  • Poplar Hill goat milk is WIC approved.
    Where can you buy Poplar Hill goat milk?
  •   Pasteurized goat milk carton.

    Poplar Hill goats milk is sold in many stores in Minnesota and some in Iowa, Wisconsin and North and South Dakota. Stores that carry our goat milk include:

    If your local store does not carry Poplar Hill goat milk, ask the store manager to contact their distributor and order it for you.

    Benefits of Goat Milk

    People who have allergies to cow milk - many people who cannot tolerate cow milk find goats milk products are welcome natural alternatives.

    People with delicate digestive systems. The fat particles in goats milk are smaller than those in cow's milk, therefore the milk is easier for people to digest.

    The elderly - many of our customers are senior citizens who find goat milk to be the nutritious, easily digestible, natural source of calcium for their diet.

    Infants - many babies who have difficulty digesting cow milk find goat milk the soothing natural alternative.

    Expectant and nursing mothers - many mothers rely on the natural benefits of goat milk for themselves and their children.

    Health conscious individuals who like to know where their food is produced - you are welcome to make an appointment to visit Poplar Hill and meet the animals who produce our quality products.

    View goat milk nutrition information.

    wic approved food

    See next page for information about our delicious goat milk cheese!

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